Web Melayu Boleh

{January 17, 2007}   This a Real Melayu Boleh

Hey, you wanna see the real Melayu Boleh?

No, I’m not talking about the stuff that people are looking for when they type Melayu Boleh in the search engine. This is about a real Malaysian who can do amazing stuff. As a favor to my friend at Eches Blog, I’m including this post with coverage about a Malaysian who can play 3 guitars at one time. You can visit Eches Blog at http://blog.eches.net/2007/01/14/amazing-musician-playing-3-guitars-simultaneously/ to see how the guitarist does it.

Talking about the real Melayu Boleh, eh! Yes… it’s true that people can do amazing stuff if you really focus on it.

Go Go! Melayu Boleh!


My simple free blog (webmelayuboleh.wordpress.com) is now #7 on page 2 (as of today) of Google Search for keyword Melayu Boleh.

There’s nothing much that I do here except repeating the word Melayu Boleh and related keywords in every post that I made. I’m also making sure that the word Melayu Boleh is bolded or italized or both.

But of course, there’s more things into SEO other than the above that I do, but if you analyze it a little bit, this blog has not much content either, but how come I’m still listed on page 2 of Google search for the keyword of Melayu Boleh?

{January 12, 2007}   Web Melayu Boleh or Melayu Boleh

I created this website for fun just to see how I can rank with the word Melayu Boleh or Web Melayu Boleh.

As of now (just about 1 minute ago), I typed the keyword Melayu Boleh and there it was – on page 3 of Google Search result. To tell you the truth, I don’t bother so much optimizing the Melayu Boleh keyword. I just repeat, repeat and repeat this keyword several times in the titles and the body of the blog.

Oh yeahh… notice the keyword Web Melayu Boleh in the domain name of this blog. Hey, wordpress.com is still free and I still got WebMelayuBoleh as the subdomain.

Do you think that Web Melayu Boleh or Melayu Boleh is a good keyword?

I just did a search on Google and here is what I found out.

“Melayu Boleh” : Results 110 of about 955,000 for melayu boleh. (0.12 seconds) 

“Web Melayu Boleh” : Results 110 of about 461,000 for web melayu boleh. (0.10 seconds)

On Yahoo, this is the result…

“Web Melayu Boleh” : 1 – 10 of about 285,000 for web melayu boleh – 0.18 sec.

“Melayu Boleh” : 1 – 10 of about 291,000 for melayu boleh – 0.12 sec.

Amazingly, this is the keyword that people use basically to find stuff which is not related to Melayu Boleh at all. There’s no such “thing” (in a physical form) called Melayu Boleh. It literally means “Malay Can” (sic can do it). But, that’s not the real reason why people type this keyword on the net. They don’t look for what Malay can do…

Melayu Boleh is a highly searched keyword on the internet. The traffic from this keyword Melayu Boleh comes mostly from Malaysia.

Recently, there’s a challenge in one of the local forums on creating a website that wiill be indexed higher on Google, Yahoo and other search engines based on this keyword – Melayu Boleh.

So, here I am. I’m trying to see if creating a free blog of Melayu Boleh keyword can be worth trying.

Other familiar searches on this keyword includes Web Melayu Boleh.

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